Building portfolio for pre-qualified jobs

Training individuals to fit culturally in an organization.

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AI Driven Insights

Get AI driven insights on the soft gauge skills.

Virtual Interviews

Providing candidates regular insights about their skills.

Assess Soft Skills

Assessing most relevant soft skills in the desired field.

Gauge Body Language

Measuring body language & providing AI data to improve.

Build Portfolio

With right skills & timely insights build the perfect portfolio.

Practice Assignment

Practice assignments are given to help improve the skills.

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AI Assessment & Report

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Rewards & Recognition

Platform to make individuals pre-qualified for jobs.

Hive Grad allows individuals learn & assess new soft skills while learning the about the HR skills required in the desired field.

Trained to fit culturally in an organization

AI driven insights allowing the users to learn the cultural skills required to fit in an organization, making them favorites & pre-qualified for jobs.