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Grab a detailed report on 25+ unique parameters across major factors like body language, word power and voice. Based on years of research from global educators to help learn with confidence. Be it IELTS, SAT, or any interview.
  • Body Language

  • Vocabulary

  • Phonetics

Body Language

Are you looking like a winner? Formidable and confident. Your body language is more critical than how you sound or the words you use. On most occasions, we don’t know how we appear and will have small mannerisms that we are blind to.

Hive Grad identifies your enabling and hindering micro expressions, eye touch, frequency of smiling, hand, leg and head movement.

It measures eleven criteria to provide you with a universal frame language rating. Based on your rating and assessment it will create a customised lesson plan for you that would accommodate mastering videos, physical activities and quizzes.


Hive Grad has intelligent analytics that help you improve your spoken word. Words cannot change reality, but they have the power to influence the way people perceive reality. Use Hve Grad to score your words while preparing for impactful opportunities such as elevator speeches, presentations, interviews, and public speaking.

Nine parameters are tested. From fillers, favourites, unique and repetitive words, positive, negative, neutral, convey the emotions the words evoke in the listener's mind.


Hive Grad analyses your voice across 4 parameters: rate of speech, volume, pitch, and modulation. Research shows that vocal tone has an impact of 37% in face to face conversations. It is not what you say as much as how you say it. Your voice triggers an emotional response in the listener.

It takes all four parts of your voice to deliver a great impact. The rate of speech measures words spoken per minute and it is categorised into fast, slow, and moderate. Use our learning videos and activities for a range of vocal exercises that can help you improve the quality of your speech.

Best Features

Amazing Features

Hive Grad provides real-time, on the job personalized coaching at a very affordable price. Our feedback and analysis are precise and analytical.

Instant Feedback

An instant effective coaching solution with a unique combination of machine learning, NLP, and data analytics.

On the Go

Have access to your videos anywhere with our cloud based system and 21st century infrastructure for a speedy and secure delivery.

Swift Transcript

Hive Grad generates a highly accurate transcript of your spoken words in the video as a speech to text converter.

Practice Lessons

Low scores on your video? Don't worry. We have our experts to guide you through a fun filled online learning experience comprising videos, exercises and quizzes.

Download & Share

Download PDF reports of your video on the run, with the click of a button. Share your videos on social media platforms.

Set Reminders

Get flexible and personalised reminders on your device based on your own convenience and time to learn.


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Beginner’s Plan


  • Video Insights and AI Reports - Basic
  • Mentoring from Industry Experts – 1 session
  • Princeton Grade Certification
Silver Plan



  • Video Insights and AI Reports – Basic – Advanced – Unlimited
  • Mentoring from Industry Experts – 5 sessions
  • Corporate Question Bank
Premium Plan



  • Reflect on Global Ratings and Badges
  • Opportunity to conduct our Session Earn based on performance
  • Shine through your performance on Corporate HR Portals and get selected for interview

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