Applicant Tracking System

Automated Assessments

Abridge the tedious and time-consuming activities of the hiring process with Hive grad's smart employer platform.

Redefine the process of volume hiring with Hive Grad's bulk/batch segment. Personalise your recruitment process according to your employment category with customizable questions for different candidates.

Pre-hiring Assessments

Pre-Qualified for Jobs

Hive Grad’s virtual interviews let you assess yourself and various soft skills. Together with machine learning, you can build a comprehensive, foolproof behavioral profile for the perfect career growth. Analyze and grow with Hive Grad effortlessly.

  • Virtual Anytime Interviews
  • Comprehensive AI-driven insights
  • Gauge Soft Skills, Body Language to fit early in the process
  • Build portfolio with AI-based platform

AI-driven Recruitment

Revolutionizing Recruitment with AI

A futuristic savvy platform for corporations to hire and build an innovative, creative, skilled, and motivated crew

Access to pre-hire assessments

Get access to customizable assessments to test applicants based upon your requirements.

21st-century Talent

Screen the candidates with your role-specific 21st-century courses for insights.

AI-powered experiences

Removing biases to offer opportunities to all candidates throughout the processes.

Best Services

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  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Video Interviews

  • Bulk Upload

  • Comprehensive Summary

Easy Recruitment with Automated Workflows

Transformational features for your recruitment process. Let the smart filters do the hard work and streamline through our AI reports.

Make your interview processes much faster with Hive Grad. Reduce the steps in your screening process with the help of the future of hiring.

  • Make your screening process faster
  • Reduce time and resources spent

Customise Your Recruitment Process

Create job descriptions and customizable questions for your Video Interviews with distinguished candidates from across the industry.

Target precisely and effectively within the pool of candidates.

  • Reduce manual work
  • Streamline through interviews

Hiring the Right Fit

Engage thousands of candidates with Bulk Upload. Make your recruitment process remarkably easy with our comprehensive summary report. Instantly analyse potential hires for the organisation.

Assess on multiple customizable parameters and process the volume hiring with it.

  • Customise your recruitment process
  • Comprehensive Summary Report

Dynamic Information

Avail a comprehensive summarised report of the interview videos received from the candidates.

Garner a brief insight into the employer and AI scores of the talent registered with Hive Grad’s Hiring Platform.

  • Analytical report on interviews
  • Effective hiring process