Applicant Tracking System

Automated Assessments

Abridge the tedious and time-consuming activities of the hiring process with Hive grad's smart employer platform.

Redefine the process of volume hiring with Hive Grad's bulk/batch segment. Personalize your recruitment process, pertaining to your employment category with customizable questions for different candidates.

Upload thousands of videos on the platform and get a comprehensive AI-driven insights to tap into the right talent for your organization.

Pre-hiring Assessments

Pre-Qualified for Jobs

Hive Grad’s virtual interviews let you assess yourself and various soft skills. Together with machine learning, you can build a comprehensive, foolproof behavioral profile for the perfect career growth. Analyze and grow with Hive Grad effortlessly.

  • Virtual Anytime Interviews
  • Comprehensive AI-driven insights
  • Gauge Soft Skills, Body Language to fit early in the process
  • Build portfolio with AI-based platform

AI-driven Recruitment

Revolutionizing recruitment with AI

A futuristic savvy platform for corporations to hire and build an innovative, creative, skilled, and motivated team for their organization.

Access to pre-hire assessments

Get access to customizable assessments to test applicants based upon the requirements and skill-sets best suited for your organization.

A New 21st-century Talent

Screen the candidates with your role-specific 21st-century courses to offer you a full spectrum of their insights.

AI-powered experiences

Remove biases from your decisions and allow all applicants an opportunity to showcase themselves on a digitized platform.


Provide . Empower . Support


Explore from the pool of candidates and screen them with your customizable assessments.

  • AI-driven Insights
  • Shortlist accurately
  • Test candidates in bulk
  • Customized assessments


Delve into the maze of talent with our platform guiding you and appoint the right skill-set.

  • Analyze candidates
  • Personlized recruitment
  • Hire efficiently
  • Reduce manual tasks


Showcase your talent with Hive Grad’s virtual videos and analyze yourself with our smart platform.

  • Get discovered
  • Assess your soft skills
  • Global pre-employment tests
  • Build portfolio

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  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Video Interviews

  • Bulk Upload

  • Comprehensive Summary

Easy Recruitment with Automated Workflows

Features that transform the recruitment process. Get the bulk summary report where smart filters does the hard work of cutting through the noise, streamlining the recruitment process.

Hive Grad’s interviewing process can make your hiring process faster. Reduce the steps in your screening process with the help of future hiring platform. Identify the best talent and find the right fit for your organization.

  • Make your screening process faster
  • Reduce time and resources spent on interviewing

Customize Your Recruitment Process

Create different job descriptions with customizable questions to tap the Video Interviews from distinguished candidates from across the industry.

Winnow the power of the platform to target the requisite talent for the best results at your comfort.

  • Reduce your workload
  • Create your dynamo effect for an easier interview process

Hire the Right Fit in No Time

Engage thousands of candidates with Bulk Upload. Make your recruitment process remarkably easy with our comprehensive summary report. Instantly analyze potential hires with your organization.

Assess them on multiple customizable parameters and process the volume hiring with it. Find the right fit for your brand in no time. Hive Grad is the new way to get quality recruits in minimum time.

  • Personalize your recruitment process
  • Comprehensive Summary Report

A Brief Insight of The Dynamic Information:

Avail a comprehensive summarized report of the interview videos received from the candidates.

Garner a brief insight into the employer and AI scores of the talent registered with Hive Grad’s Hiring Platform.

  • Get a summarized report of the total videos collected
  • Make the right choice for your organization

Have A Question?

Asked Questions

Hive Grad makes employer’s and HR’s lives easier with their automated Hiring Platform.

Get all your doubts answered with a click.

  • Q.Will I get an individual report for every candidate?

    Yes, you will get the individual reports of the candidates.

  • Q.Can the AI-driven insights be personalized for different types of hiring?

    Yes, while entering the job description, data and traits for the hiring can be entered for different types of hiring.

  • Q.How will I get access to the candidate chosen?

    In the ‘Job Event,’ the details of candidates can be accessed.

  • Q.Will I be able to connect with corporations?

    Yes, you can connect with global corporations from your dashboard.

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